Indigenous Inquirey into Thanksgiving

Next month Thanksgiving comes again. The idea of celebrating a false story by grossly overeating lost its appeal for me a long time ago. Many of us carry indigenous genes consciously and still many others carry these roots unaware. Whatever your roots you were indigenous to someplace at some time. Native Americans are the root dwellers of this land whose homes were demolished, lands stolen and many were interred, enslaved and even now have less than high class status in this land. All over the world those peoples who have guarded and lived close to the land for centuries have few rights and are extremely endangered by the same forces that endanger the earth.

I am grateful that my ancestor here gave my foreign ancestors food and taught them to survive here. My great, great, great grandmother was reportedly full Indian. I feel this connection to the earth and to life. This year we’re looking for new ways to be with each other and celebrate our ancestry, this mother earth and the gift of life. Permaculture was learned from the indigenous people of Australia and has gleaned much wisdom from those land-close dwellers in many nations.

I bow to my ancestors, my great mother and the Great Creator from whom all is born and continues. Here is a video protest poem from some indigenous voices protesting the misuse of their ancestor’s name and image.  I dance the joy of autumn and the coming of the great death that renews everything. I pray for guidance to care for my place and live in gratitude for the truth of my life in 2011.