Maybe There’s a Better Way

In American culture  we have much intellectual and left-leaning discourse including books, speakers, webinars and videos that talk about the problem with our system and suggest what needs to change. Most of it is too far removed from the reality of the slave-like laborer we do and don’t like to admit to because our global reputation is still that we are the best, most free, most prosperous nation on earth.  The truth is that much of the disparity that exists all over the globe is deeply ingrained here.

It’s time we look at ourselves and realize we are not the privileged of the earth.  What we need is simply very inexpensive ways to start over and do what will bring us joy and restore our world. Dave Korten is doing a lot of work on the ideas, but I still see very little concrete offers of ways to become part of a new economy.

So far, I haven’t found a way in these United States to start a business with little capital and a great idea. A friend and I have been working on starting a very small grassroots business based on the Blue Economy model. There are many barriers to small enterprise here. Permits and legal filings are so complicated we need lawyers changing more an hour than we can make in  a month with just to explain what is required of us. That has nothing to do with the cost of actually setting up the facility to do business.

I remember my time in Mexico and Brazil where anyone could just sit on the sidewalk, hang a sign out and be in business. I’m not in favor of just letting people do what they want without government, but I am in favor of favoring the poor, the lower class and the middle more than the very few on top who really have more help than they need.

One thing that Bernard Lietaer, a co-creator of the Euro featured in my last post says is that what we need is a matrifocal society, one where women are leaders who embrace equality. We need to get away from patriarchal societies because of the economic systems they create. So maybe we should start with a couple of older women in our culture who are wise and worth listening to.

Here’s a talk  at Bioneers, by Joanna Macy, one of my most precious teachers of the Great Turning. I had the privilege of learning with her at Naropa University in Oakland, CA.

Here is Carolyn Baker’s blog, Speaking Truth to Powerb. She recently completed a book called, Navigating The Coming Chaos: A Handbook For Inner Transition.

I’ll leave you with the wisdom of these two amazing women as food for new thought. Until next post, may the women be with you.