Has the U.S. Sold Our Future for Millions of Rubber Duckies?

Lester R. Brown
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I don’t often post dire warnings on my pages. One reason is that we seem to know enough about our bleak outlook. This is an exception however because for many years I have found that Lester Brown is our totally believable prophet in a world mostly involving profits which is why China now owns 3 trillion dollars of the American debt load. Please if you can take 30 minutes to listen to this amazing human being. He is full of compassion, knowledge, wisdom and courage.

Here’s the Nation’s great interview with one of the world’s most dedicated and clear thinker.Lester Brown.

When you’re done you might want to begin a discussion about what to do at the grassroots level that most of us live on. There are tools available, but we have to join with each other to make a big enough mark on a very large world system. We need to change civilization!! Are you ready, Yes I’m READY!bb


Food for Thought or Non-Toxic Food for All

Gunter Pauli of Blue Economy fame says that mushroom nutrition and protein can replace all of the fish consumed in the world.

If we are to survive in the U.S. through economic times that support the wealthy and obliterate the poor and “middle class,” then we have to act apart from the system that is sustaining this worldwide injustice and is hopefully on the verge of collapse.

Homelessness is plaguing a whole huge majority of Americans. How can a system based on the upper and middle class doling out their”hard-to-get” help maintain a system that is set to overwhelm governments and charities?

I propose that we change laws, ignore them if they won’t change(Quail Springs eco-village near Santa Barbara, CA.) and take our own power back. It’s time for a revolution that is peaceful, self-sustaining and doable. It is a grounded movement of people connected to each  other and the earth that we want. We need our own businesses that support our communities’ needs, not the greed of mega-corporations. It’s time we “vote” with our collective talents, energy, money and solidarity. Shelter and food are human rights, but for thousands of years humans have created art, music, dance and celebrations far beyond mere survival.

How about for starters eco-type villages(there are 439 listed on this link) where people live, work, play and grow their own food in the middle of cities as well as in the middle of nowhere. For too long we have ignored the fact that very few people have access to land in rural America anymore. Transportation is becoming a deep crisis. We do need to live near each other, but we need to source our food, shelter, entertainment and livings from our own communities.

By the way, if you’re still an Obama believer, check out this interview with Cornell  West. Worse than that, pesticide lobbyists have convinced the administration to delay making their annual study findings public on pesticides in fruits and vegetables commonly consumed by our young children. It is definitely time to take our lives into our own hands. We are our own heroes, connected, courageous and caring. Let us begin together to re-make our local/global lives.

Long Time Gone and Food for Thought

I just spent every inch of my energy for two months helping put on a wedding for 100 people at our house. It happened and turned out great and now back to Permaculture and the Art of Living.

My partner and I are now back on track to get our mushroom business started. I’m working on a narrative about why this business is such a good investment. In my research, I came across this reprinted article on Carolyn Baker’s blog: http://carolynbaker.net/2011/04/20/20-reasons-you-need-to-prepare-and-store-food  I am also by the way reading her new book, “Navigating the Coming Chaos,” which is extremely helpful. Here’s a fun video of her telling a story with her drum.

The statistics on food are abysmal. Costs, radiation contamination, pesticides and GMO contamination, as well as the huge cost of transportation with the cost of Petroleum soaring and food products being used to produce ethanol. Secondly lack of water and soil make growing food a deeper challenge. Permaculture addresses many of those issues, but an even deeper need is spiritual and communal. We are in dire need of a place of communion for sharing our grief and our passion to make it better. Community is also one of the only possible venues for survival as things disintegrate,  unless you are one of the very top per cent whose wealth may help you survive the coming transition to a post-industrial society.

I’m not talking about on-line communities although I am part of quite a few. The community of which I speak is the old kind I grew up with, but in a newly created contemporary way. We are attempting that creation here in the San Fernando Valley through a world wide movement known as Transition. There are many obstacles now when things are only beginning to fall apart, but I believe that developing extended family and friends as well as extended neighborhood communities will be extremely valuable in the near future. How? Any way that works for you. Have neighbors over. Make amends with your family and friends and begin to share resources in some way. Growing food that can be shared is a good way to start. How about lending a hand to the guy that comes by to pick the cans and bottles out of your recycle. Recently I began a conversation with a local landscaper about how to get certified in Permaculture and why. Potlucks are great gatherings if there is something to initiate and guide the time. Any kind of alternative currency or time exchange barter group or co-op.

I’d love to hear some new ideas. It’s helping me to not feel so much grief at some in our country who are rejoicing over the death of another human being. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with grief, but if I turn that energy into doing something for the community of life, I feel better. Peace out and in.