Living the Lie

Feb 3, 2011 – Protesters throughout the Middle East are using famous poetry as subversive chants against the government. … Egypt’s Revolutionary Poetry

The holidays have hit with their demands for sweetness and light but they have black fridayed us with violence and greed beyond imagination. We are a people so manipulated some of us believed that it was patriotic to spend money we don’t have.

In contrast, we have in our midst are some real angels. They are the poets, the truth talkers, the word walkers, the peace peddlers, the new young and old together taking to the streets. The ever loving greatest Americans to walk our streets in the 40 plus years since the sixties ended.Pure angels.  I say they are a big reason for me to be thankful. I think the government and banks and the media of and by big business are all very confused. They are thinking that this uprising has to do with money.

Lack of funds is the straw, but the camel’s back had already been broken by LIES. The world has endured incredible hardships and even many North Americans have had some pretty hard times maybe even more than once in their lives and especially right now, but that could be endurable if there were a good reason. It’s the bold-faced lying– the hypocritical jawing of politicians, religious leaders, business leaders and most everyone who has had a part in creating this monstrosity of a civilization that has overtaken us in the last hundred years. Of course we are taking to the streets, but not for any petty small personal reason. There are so many reasons they are hard to enumerate. Earth destruction, poisoned food, industrial food, unbreathable air, no work, no shelter, no money to even buy the poisoned food, no transportation, destruction of the animal and plant kingdoms, etc., etc. I don’t want to choke on the etc.’s so I won’t keep going. The worst part is that we had thought being American might be more compassionate, more equitable, more honorable! The lies are hardest to endure.

So let those angels sing. Let’s join in and help them sing for they are us,  a world waiting to become it’s own savior. We don’t need our politicians and huge wealthy business owners, we don’t need the stock market and it’s glutenous banks and insurance companies. We need this spring that is springing up all over the world. We can be thankful for our brother and sister citizens of other countries for getting us going. It kind of looks like we are more interconnected than we ever imagined. Only our governments want war and oppression. We the people of the world want peace, prosperity, justice and equity.

I’ll end with a Rumi poem from Daniel Ladinsky’s, “Love Poems from God,” in case you’re in need of a good Blood Sucker detector.

Blood Suckers from Hell
Rumi speaking to a crowd muses:
Watch out for those blood suckers from hell–
Cause they’re everywhere.
And the crowd wisely retorts:
“That sounds serious–what do they look like, any hints,
are they usually disguised?”
Rumi again: Yes, usually, they are awfully tricky!
“How then to detect them?”
I have noticed
their eyes will narrow and tehir faces begin to squint
like prunes
if they hear good