About Full Bloom Now

This is a very personal and intimate blog. It’s about my transition from one end of the country, Southern California, to the other, Soutnern Maine. It’s about returning home to what was never really my home.

Mostly it is about daily putting into practice my faith in the goodness of the Universe in God as Love, Truth, Life and All. To know that life is spiritual is to grind against the grain of accepted reality. I’m doing just that in a grand experiement to prove that God is All Good and not a vindictive or weak anthropomorphized big boy in the sky, but the only power, the only reality that exists.

I’m going to be as deeply honest as I know how to be in these posts. I’m inviting a few close friends to follow me and join the conversation but i’m also making it public and open. I hope that it will be taken in the spirit it is written. Humbly seeking to make real in my daily life what I have known on some level since before I was born.

I once had a dream where I saw a guy jump out of a plane without a parachute and land safely on his feet. In the dream as the observer I said, ¨I always knew that it was true. All you need is faith and courage.¨  Upon waking I felt utterly comforted and empowered. Here’s to jumping.


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