Thought I’d treat you to this great Janis Ian song for a good laugh at ourselves. I’m working on writing a memoir for my next project and learning a lot about Ego vrs. Authentic Self. Listen to her first and then I’ll say more.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what makes us happy and why we are in general a culture in deep stress and unhappy. After meditating last night and then waking up and meditating again in the morning I realized that we are in general a culture that has substituted EGO for Authentic Self. Our world right now needs a lot less ego as well as everyone being their authentic eternal selves. I was taught by my ancestors that we come from the STARS. No need for ego with its pain causing greediness. Did you ever notice how those who sound the most egocentric are those who don’t feel anything wonderful about themselves.

In my generation and subculture, we were taught that it is wrong and evil to have ego, but in the process lost the joy in being our brilliant authentic selves. In that mindset, we are all brilliant stars and totally needed and wanted by the community. Come on, let’s be Stars, the kind that love life, laugh at ego’s antics and fully are who we were born to be. It’s not a mystery, it’s wisdom lying deep in our own bodies and souls. It’s just a matter of recognizing ourselves and walking and dancing down this road of life. That’s the end of my sermon and hopefully the end of my annoying pesky ego.

A Rumi:
from–The Way of Passion by Andrew Harvey
You were born of the rays of God’s majesty and have
gained the good fortune of your auspicious star, so how
long will you suffer at the hands of non-existent things?
Come, return to the root of the root of your own self.