A Couple of Loveable Lawyers Working with an Expanding Universe

I spent this morning in a workshop with a couple of amazing lawyers. I have a friend who is a lawyer, but other than that, I don’t really have much respect for the profession. The movies about tireless, penniless defenders of the down trodden may be a Hollywood myth, but I’d have to say that these women were unusual, outstanding, understandable and well worth the cost of the workshop. Check them out at http://www.theselc.org/  I learned so much about the huge regulations invented originally to protect people from corporate greed, perhaps, but now functioning to keep small local and needed businesses from existing. They are working hard to change things and to guide ethical, sustainable and sharing businesses into being.

Have to leave at 5 A.M. tomorrow and will be on the road for several weeks, so I’ll make this short and sweet. Lately I have the feeling that things are really looking kind of fine. The reason for this is what I call a huge picture perspective. In order to bring about change in every aspect of our lives, I think it helps to discover our place in the Universe, our history with the 13.7 billion year expansion of creation. Brian Swimme has been my main teacher of this perspective. He’s a physicist with a new story of the Universe. Check out this trailer for his film that is coming out in July. https://www.brianswimme.org/videos/journeyoftheuniverse.html We are the Universe and so discovering it’s story is discovering our own. Knowing history can help us do better with the present and the future.