Boston, Sam the Six Year Old Spiritual Teacher and The Kingdom of Heaven


Sam about a year ago.  In case you need a visual for how to enter the Kingdom of Heaven
Sam about a year ago.
In case you need a visual for how to enter the Kingdom of Heaven

It feels like everything is in a huge wave of change. like I’m in a parallel universe and moving between planes. That’s Sam our grandboy. More about him later.

I made oatmeal cookies, kind of healthy with old fashioned oats and coconut sugar. They were chewy and delicious. Think I’ll brew another cup of coffee and eat another one. The chew is fairly grounding.  I know, these pictures as obnoxious as a new mother showing you her baby. I’ll go to something else.

Babies are growing about half and inch a day some days.
Babies are growing about half and inch a day some days.

20151011_095526We went to Boston on Sunday and visited the Christain Science complex there. The history of Mary Baker Eddy and the rise of a religion is really interesting. We parked in the underground parking there and attended the church service. After that the parking was free all day. The highlight of the service was the ginormous organ and the performance at the end.

I love spirituality, but religion often gets my goat! So awful boring and pretentious, an arrogance of we know more than you do, that’s why we have it so good. Come in here and be like us and you can have it too. Truth is truth, but often groups like to claim to have the right version. To me the test is always love. It’s how I test myself and my actions too. Often I need revising. I love a god who speaks and has me listening mostly.

Sam, in the above photo, is totally unschooled in religion, but since he was tiny he has been giving us lessons on praying and meditation. The other day he said that God likes short prayers, but allows long ones sometimes for angels’ benefit since after all He created them. He is six now but still goes into the lotus position to pray, and he is always silent, listening.

“I tell you the truth, uless you change and become as little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven, ” said Jesus.  I can see that from listening to Sam.



Day One

I wake each morning now, cold and ready to see these small miracles that burst forth and grow like crazy from such almost invisible seeds.

A Pie Almost in the Making

The leaves are turning quickly to reds and oranges. Maine apples are abundant and tonight we will have a pie. We have gone from hot days and cool nights to cool nights and constant rain. October reminds me to pick the last tomatoes, cover what needs winter protection and plant the garlic. It’s probably the rebel in me, but I decided a few days ago to spend the winter experimenting with gardening indoors. Here is a list of what I have been researching. Will maybe go indepth in later posts as things progress.

  1. Grow Lights. There are a lot of fairly ignorant posts on the internet. Many contradict each other. I think I have found a cheaper solution. Hardware and farm stores around here look at me like I must be growing pot. It has become a somewhat legal cottage industry in Maine, so the production is flourishing mostly as hydroponic growing. So in the Paris Farmer’s Union store I found a sign that said if you are a marijuana grower, don’t bring your product into this store! Actually, the local hardware chain has the best option for me. Today I’m picking up a regular shop light fixture, on sale for $17.00. It is 4 feet and holds two bulbs. They also carry grow bulbs that fit into that fixture for around $11.00 each, so I will have a 4 foot set-up for about $40.00 plus tax. Most of those I found as grow lights were about $100+, double that for 4 foot set-ups versus 2 foot.
  2. Homemade Fertilizer. Would you belive asprin, epsom salts and egg shells?
  3. What to Grow Indoors in Winter. The list is long, but haven’t seen peas on it so I planted a pot full just to see what happens. The other sprouts are basil,  lettuces, spinach, and a pot of ginger that is resting in the dark.

    Rebel Pea Sprouts
  4. How to Grow Indoors. I have tomoatos from seed, cloned and one plant brought in from outside.
    Tomato Clones
    Tomato Clones

  5. Potting soil mixes. I found a cheap one that shouldn’t have been on sale, but it had coconut husk to keep the moisture balanced and I added another organic one with worm castings. I also got a block of coconut husk, but I haven’t had time yet to soak it into the form to add it to the soil.

There are so many ways to grow, even for an old woman. I let myself learn to trust this exquisite Life that constantly comes to me new. I wake each morning now, cold and ready to see these small miracles burst forth and grow like crazy. I’m in love with this process, trusting more, feeling myself part of every grain and branch and person. I kiss this journey and plant myself inside for a while, excited to see how I grow.

George McGovern Is Dying

Ode to An American Hero

George McGovern nears
death reminding me of
a time when we struggled

to overcome the corrupted
cops and military when
we were awakening to
life versus death many
of us heeding the call to
change the world i raise
my banner high in gratitude
for a human being of great
light ninety years with us
a great help, but we need
so much more right now
in the year of his leaving
good-bye George you have
earned your rest may you
be born again in many young
peace makers who see these
great evils for the death and sin
that they really are and believe
in life and love, adios.


Thought I’d treat you to this great Janis Ian song for a good laugh at ourselves. I’m working on writing a memoir for my next project and learning a lot about Ego vrs. Authentic Self. Listen to her first and then I’ll say more.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what makes us happy and why we are in general a culture in deep stress and unhappy. After meditating last night and then waking up and meditating again in the morning I realized that we are in general a culture that has substituted EGO for Authentic Self. Our world right now needs a lot less ego as well as everyone being their authentic eternal selves. I was taught by my ancestors that we come from the STARS. No need for ego with its pain causing greediness. Did you ever notice how those who sound the most egocentric are those who don’t feel anything wonderful about themselves.

In my generation and subculture, we were taught that it is wrong and evil to have ego, but in the process lost the joy in being our brilliant authentic selves. In that mindset, we are all brilliant stars and totally needed and wanted by the community. Come on, let’s be Stars, the kind that love life, laugh at ego’s antics and fully are who we were born to be. It’s not a mystery, it’s wisdom lying deep in our own bodies and souls. It’s just a matter of recognizing ourselves and walking and dancing down this road of life. That’s the end of my sermon and hopefully the end of my annoying pesky ego.

A Rumi:
from–The Way of Passion by Andrew Harvey
You were born of the rays of God’s majesty and have
gained the good fortune of your auspicious star, so how
long will you suffer at the hands of non-existent things?
Come, return to the root of the root of your own self.


Living the Lie

Feb 3, 2011 – Protesters throughout the Middle East are using famous poetry as subversive chants against the government. … Egypt’s Revolutionary Poetry

The holidays have hit with their demands for sweetness and light but they have black fridayed us with violence and greed beyond imagination. We are a people so manipulated some of us believed that it was patriotic to spend money we don’t have.

In contrast, we have in our midst are some real angels. They are the poets, the truth talkers, the word walkers, the peace peddlers, the new young and old together taking to the streets. The ever loving greatest Americans to walk our streets in the 40 plus years since the sixties ended.Pure angels.  I say they are a big reason for me to be thankful. I think the government and banks and the media of and by big business are all very confused. They are thinking that this uprising has to do with money.

Lack of funds is the straw, but the camel’s back had already been broken by LIES. The world has endured incredible hardships and even many North Americans have had some pretty hard times maybe even more than once in their lives and especially right now, but that could be endurable if there were a good reason. It’s the bold-faced lying– the hypocritical jawing of politicians, religious leaders, business leaders and most everyone who has had a part in creating this monstrosity of a civilization that has overtaken us in the last hundred years. Of course we are taking to the streets, but not for any petty small personal reason. There are so many reasons they are hard to enumerate. Earth destruction, poisoned food, industrial food, unbreathable air, no work, no shelter, no money to even buy the poisoned food, no transportation, destruction of the animal and plant kingdoms, etc., etc. I don’t want to choke on the etc.’s so I won’t keep going. The worst part is that we had thought being American might be more compassionate, more equitable, more honorable! The lies are hardest to endure.

So let those angels sing. Let’s join in and help them sing for they are us,  a world waiting to become it’s own savior. We don’t need our politicians and huge wealthy business owners, we don’t need the stock market and it’s glutenous banks and insurance companies. We need this spring that is springing up all over the world. We can be thankful for our brother and sister citizens of other countries for getting us going. It kind of looks like we are more interconnected than we ever imagined. Only our governments want war and oppression. We the people of the world want peace, prosperity, justice and equity.

I’ll end with a Rumi poem from Daniel Ladinsky’s, “Love Poems from God,” in case you’re in need of a good Blood Sucker detector.

Blood Suckers from Hell
Rumi speaking to a crowd muses:
Watch out for those blood suckers from hell–
Cause they’re everywhere.
And the crowd wisely retorts:
“That sounds serious–what do they look like, any hints,
are they usually disguised?”
Rumi again: Yes, usually, they are awfully tricky!
“How then to detect them?”
I have noticed
their eyes will narrow and tehir faces begin to squint
like prunes
if they hear good

Indigenous Inquirey into Thanksgiving

Next month Thanksgiving comes again. The idea of celebrating a false story by grossly overeating lost its appeal for me a long time ago. Many of us carry indigenous genes consciously and still many others carry these roots unaware. Whatever your roots you were indigenous to someplace at some time. Native Americans are the root dwellers of this land whose homes were demolished, lands stolen and many were interred, enslaved and even now have less than high class status in this land. All over the world those peoples who have guarded and lived close to the land for centuries have few rights and are extremely endangered by the same forces that endanger the earth.

I am grateful that my ancestor here gave my foreign ancestors food and taught them to survive here. My great, great, great grandmother was reportedly full Indian. I feel this connection to the earth and to life. This year we’re looking for new ways to be with each other and celebrate our ancestry, this mother earth and the gift of life. Permaculture was learned from the indigenous people of Australia and has gleaned much wisdom from those land-close dwellers in many nations.

I bow to my ancestors, my great mother and the Great Creator from whom all is born and continues. Here is a video protest poem from some indigenous voices protesting the misuse of their ancestor’s name and image.  I dance the joy of autumn and the coming of the great death that renews everything. I pray for guidance to care for my place and live in gratitude for the truth of my life in 2011.

Back from Colorado

Weeping Rock

Zion National Park’s beauty and wisdom really surprised me. I have had so little respect for this country over my lifetime. My reasons are many but mainly because of the greed and rugged individualism of this culture that has resulted in a horrific government portraying itself as a savior while condemning it’s poor and agressing the rest of the world. What history I have studied only re-enforces that jaded perspective.  What I am finally discovering is that  the universe is fundamentally constructed of love! In pockets like Zion I am seeing even humans at work through love.

Zion is made up of amazing sandstone in a dessert environment. The sandstone funnels water into the ground and then waters it’s world with springs. Visitors can experience this at Weeping Rock where trees, columbine and lush vegetation grow straight out of the rock as water drips down it’s surface onto hot hiking heads of tourists. We have much to learn from this earth, but there is a deep gratitude welling up inside me for those who had the foresight to preserve this land for us.

Water is the most scarce and necessary element we live from in fact, we humans are mostly water. There’s a documentary movie about water and our relationship to it I hope to see soon. Here’s a trailer:

One more thing that cradled me during this 3.5 week break, is an article by Brian Swimme in the magazine EnlightenNext. It’s called “The Powers of the Universe,” and it gave me such great perspective I can’t help but recommend it. He list these characteristics of the Universe and all that is in it, including us.: 0. Seamlessness 1. Centration, 2. Allurement, 3.Emergence, 4. Homeostasis, 5.Cataclysm, 6. Synergy, 7.Transmutation, 8. Transformation, 9. Interrelatedness, 10. Radiance. Although I can’t go into them here, what they gave me is a much more hope filled view of the Earth, myself, and the Universe. Well worth the cost of the magazine.

Wow, it’s so good to be home.