Jack Frost

veggirs 2
Inside and Out.


Today it is real. Scraped the windshield this morning. The garlic bulbs that are getting cold before planting had to be brought onto the enclosed porch for the last two nights. They should not really get below the low forties. I still didn’t fix my grow light to get it closer to my plants or get the reflective material in place, but inspite of that the gorgeous seeds are becoming small plants, reaching up for the light.

Photos are hastey this morning. Our friend from Barbedos arrives today, so I have to clean and cook and leave the plants for the most part. They just keep smiling and growing unless I forget something. It’s almost time to transplant the little tomatoes into bigger pots I think, but for today they will grow some more where they are.

I woke up around 3:30 this morning thinking about too many things. In conclusion I decided that All Is Well All Is Well All Is Well, so now I’m really sleepy. The tranquility of the lake in Maine, the warmth inside, a long term love relationship and living close by to my 90 year old parents are great gifts.

I’m going back to plain water and waiting for a week or two before more fertilizer. I guess plants don’t eat like we do. Time to bake and get the house clean. Wish these things paid better. I’m looking at ways to make money doing the things I know best. Always looking, trying to overcome the barriers of this system that appears to have taken everything over, but in truth is just a collective leviathan giving benefit to very few.

Here’s a long and worthwhile speach by Bernie Sanders if you have a mind to listen.

Just want to say, this growing is helping me to fall in love with everything including you. Hope you are enjoying the read. JJ Kalush