Living the Lie

Feb 3, 2011 – Protesters throughout the Middle East are using famous poetry as subversive chants against the government. … Egypt’s Revolutionary Poetry

The holidays have hit with their demands for sweetness and light but they have black fridayed us with violence and greed beyond imagination. We are a people so manipulated some of us believed that it was patriotic to spend money we don’t have.

In contrast, we have in our midst are some real angels. They are the poets, the truth talkers, the word walkers, the peace peddlers, the new young and old together taking to the streets. The ever loving greatest Americans to walk our streets in the 40 plus years since the sixties ended.Pure angels.  I say they are a big reason for me to be thankful. I think the government and banks and the media of and by big business are all very confused. They are thinking that this uprising has to do with money.

Lack of funds is the straw, but the camel’s back had already been broken by LIES. The world has endured incredible hardships and even many North Americans have had some pretty hard times maybe even more than once in their lives and especially right now, but that could be endurable if there were a good reason. It’s the bold-faced lying– the hypocritical jawing of politicians, religious leaders, business leaders and most everyone who has had a part in creating this monstrosity of a civilization that has overtaken us in the last hundred years. Of course we are taking to the streets, but not for any petty small personal reason. There are so many reasons they are hard to enumerate. Earth destruction, poisoned food, industrial food, unbreathable air, no work, no shelter, no money to even buy the poisoned food, no transportation, destruction of the animal and plant kingdoms, etc., etc. I don’t want to choke on the etc.’s so I won’t keep going. The worst part is that we had thought being American might be more compassionate, more equitable, more honorable! The lies are hardest to endure.

So let those angels sing. Let’s join in and help them sing for they are us,  a world waiting to become it’s own savior. We don’t need our politicians and huge wealthy business owners, we don’t need the stock market and it’s glutenous banks and insurance companies. We need this spring that is springing up all over the world. We can be thankful for our brother and sister citizens of other countries for getting us going. It kind of looks like we are more interconnected than we ever imagined. Only our governments want war and oppression. We the people of the world want peace, prosperity, justice and equity.

I’ll end with a Rumi poem from Daniel Ladinsky’s, “Love Poems from God,” in case you’re in need of a good Blood Sucker detector.

Blood Suckers from Hell
Rumi speaking to a crowd muses:
Watch out for those blood suckers from hell–
Cause they’re everywhere.
And the crowd wisely retorts:
“That sounds serious–what do they look like, any hints,
are they usually disguised?”
Rumi again: Yes, usually, they are awfully tricky!
“How then to detect them?”
I have noticed
their eyes will narrow and tehir faces begin to squint
like prunes
if they hear good

Indigenous Inquirey into Thanksgiving

Next month Thanksgiving comes again. The idea of celebrating a false story by grossly overeating lost its appeal for me a long time ago. Many of us carry indigenous genes consciously and still many others carry these roots unaware. Whatever your roots you were indigenous to someplace at some time. Native Americans are the root dwellers of this land whose homes were demolished, lands stolen and many were interred, enslaved and even now have less than high class status in this land. All over the world those peoples who have guarded and lived close to the land for centuries have few rights and are extremely endangered by the same forces that endanger the earth.

I am grateful that my ancestor here gave my foreign ancestors food and taught them to survive here. My great, great, great grandmother was reportedly full Indian. I feel this connection to the earth and to life. This year we’re looking for new ways to be with each other and celebrate our ancestry, this mother earth and the gift of life. Permaculture was learned from the indigenous people of Australia and has gleaned much wisdom from those land-close dwellers in many nations.

I bow to my ancestors, my great mother and the Great Creator from whom all is born and continues. Here is a video protest poem from some indigenous voices protesting the misuse of their ancestor’s name and image.  I dance the joy of autumn and the coming of the great death that renews everything. I pray for guidance to care for my place and live in gratitude for the truth of my life in 2011.

Where Has All the Soil Gone?

I’ve had a discouraging time back in Woodland Hills, CA. The beautiful strawberries and blueberries loaded with fruit that I left at the end of June are now dying on the vine. Between a huge 8 inches of harsh solid clay with all the composted matter washed away,b the temperature soaring to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the constant invasion of gophers because their habitat no longer provides predators, I’m looking for better options. I’ve always despised suburbs, but this is where I am right now, so I need to find a better way of producing food. I’m  not giving up on the food forest, but I’m finding that that there are other ways that might give me a whole system for when the industrial food complex collapses and in the meantime to provide our extended family with food that will nourish, not kill us.

One of the most interesting to me right now is growing fish and vegetables through aquaponics. A lot of the systems available right now cost a lot of money, so I’m looking at experimenting with homemade versions until my other project takes off and I can earn a little money to invest in the “water works.”  has whole systems for sale and when I looked up the prices it seemed to me that the best way to g0 might be to have a system for a number of families together. For now though, I’m going to try to learn more. Here’s one more very permaculture oriented site.

The other one that some of you know I’ve been working on for a while is mushrooms. Growing mushrooms indoors on used coffee grounds is still one of my primary goals. More on my progress there in another post. Indoor/Outdoor Gardening, maybe my very own title invention.

Back from Colorado

Weeping Rock

Zion National Park’s beauty and wisdom really surprised me. I have had so little respect for this country over my lifetime. My reasons are many but mainly because of the greed and rugged individualism of this culture that has resulted in a horrific government portraying itself as a savior while condemning it’s poor and agressing the rest of the world. What history I have studied only re-enforces that jaded perspective.  What I am finally discovering is that  the universe is fundamentally constructed of love! In pockets like Zion I am seeing even humans at work through love.

Zion is made up of amazing sandstone in a dessert environment. The sandstone funnels water into the ground and then waters it’s world with springs. Visitors can experience this at Weeping Rock where trees, columbine and lush vegetation grow straight out of the rock as water drips down it’s surface onto hot hiking heads of tourists. We have much to learn from this earth, but there is a deep gratitude welling up inside me for those who had the foresight to preserve this land for us.

Water is the most scarce and necessary element we live from in fact, we humans are mostly water. There’s a documentary movie about water and our relationship to it I hope to see soon. Here’s a trailer:

One more thing that cradled me during this 3.5 week break, is an article by Brian Swimme in the magazine EnlightenNext. It’s called “The Powers of the Universe,” and it gave me such great perspective I can’t help but recommend it. He list these characteristics of the Universe and all that is in it, including us.: 0. Seamlessness 1. Centration, 2. Allurement, 3.Emergence, 4. Homeostasis, 5.Cataclysm, 6. Synergy, 7.Transmutation, 8. Transformation, 9. Interrelatedness, 10. Radiance. Although I can’t go into them here, what they gave me is a much more hope filled view of the Earth, myself, and the Universe. Well worth the cost of the magazine.

Wow, it’s so good to be home.

A Couple of Loveable Lawyers Working with an Expanding Universe

I spent this morning in a workshop with a couple of amazing lawyers. I have a friend who is a lawyer, but other than that, I don’t really have much respect for the profession. The movies about tireless, penniless defenders of the down trodden may be a Hollywood myth, but I’d have to say that these women were unusual, outstanding, understandable and well worth the cost of the workshop. Check them out at  I learned so much about the huge regulations invented originally to protect people from corporate greed, perhaps, but now functioning to keep small local and needed businesses from existing. They are working hard to change things and to guide ethical, sustainable and sharing businesses into being.

Have to leave at 5 A.M. tomorrow and will be on the road for several weeks, so I’ll make this short and sweet. Lately I have the feeling that things are really looking kind of fine. The reason for this is what I call a huge picture perspective. In order to bring about change in every aspect of our lives, I think it helps to discover our place in the Universe, our history with the 13.7 billion year expansion of creation. Brian Swimme has been my main teacher of this perspective. He’s a physicist with a new story of the Universe. Check out this trailer for his film that is coming out in July. We are the Universe and so discovering it’s story is discovering our own. Knowing history can help us do better with the present and the future.

Has the U.S. Sold Our Future for Millions of Rubber Duckies?

Lester R. Brown
Image via Wikipedia

I don’t often post dire warnings on my pages. One reason is that we seem to know enough about our bleak outlook. This is an exception however because for many years I have found that Lester Brown is our totally believable prophet in a world mostly involving profits which is why China now owns 3 trillion dollars of the American debt load. Please if you can take 30 minutes to listen to this amazing human being. He is full of compassion, knowledge, wisdom and courage.

Here’s the Nation’s great interview with one of the world’s most dedicated and clear thinker.Lester Brown.

When you’re done you might want to begin a discussion about what to do at the grassroots level that most of us live on. There are tools available, but we have to join with each other to make a big enough mark on a very large world system. We need to change civilization!! Are you ready, Yes I’m READY!bb

Food for Thought or Non-Toxic Food for All

Gunter Pauli of Blue Economy fame says that mushroom nutrition and protein can replace all of the fish consumed in the world.

If we are to survive in the U.S. through economic times that support the wealthy and obliterate the poor and “middle class,” then we have to act apart from the system that is sustaining this worldwide injustice and is hopefully on the verge of collapse.

Homelessness is plaguing a whole huge majority of Americans. How can a system based on the upper and middle class doling out their”hard-to-get” help maintain a system that is set to overwhelm governments and charities?

I propose that we change laws, ignore them if they won’t change(Quail Springs eco-village near Santa Barbara, CA.) and take our own power back. It’s time for a revolution that is peaceful, self-sustaining and doable. It is a grounded movement of people connected to each  other and the earth that we want. We need our own businesses that support our communities’ needs, not the greed of mega-corporations. It’s time we “vote” with our collective talents, energy, money and solidarity. Shelter and food are human rights, but for thousands of years humans have created art, music, dance and celebrations far beyond mere survival.

How about for starters eco-type villages(there are 439 listed on this link) where people live, work, play and grow their own food in the middle of cities as well as in the middle of nowhere. For too long we have ignored the fact that very few people have access to land in rural America anymore. Transportation is becoming a deep crisis. We do need to live near each other, but we need to source our food, shelter, entertainment and livings from our own communities.

By the way, if you’re still an Obama believer, check out this interview with Cornell  West. Worse than that, pesticide lobbyists have convinced the administration to delay making their annual study findings public on pesticides in fruits and vegetables commonly consumed by our young children. It is definitely time to take our lives into our own hands. We are our own heroes, connected, courageous and caring. Let us begin together to re-make our local/global lives.