Only 15 Days Left!

If you want what visible reality

can give, you’re an employee.

If you want the unseen world,

you’re not living your truth.

Both wishes are foolish,

but you’ll be forgiven for forgetting

that what you really want is

love’s confusing joy.

From Essential Rumi

by Coleman Barks

I’m working on staying upbeat, but we have only raised 2% of our goal and there are only 15 days left. Can you help? Here is the Indiegogo site. Just Connections. I want to give you a few reasons to join us.

1. Seven million Americans are stuck in poverty from part-time jobs. Corporate America is making mega millions off the backs of both the educated and uneducated poor by offering lousy low-paying part-time work keep their costs low and putting many into poverty. If you are still in a great full-time position you are in the minority. Part-time job poverty. Even worse is the following fact.

2.Many older Americans have lost all hope of retirement because of pensions dissappering and the stock market stealing all their former wealth, but the possiblity of getting a job if you are over 50 is horrible and over 62 almost impossible. Older Americans are unable to get work.

3. Young college graduates for the past several years have no hope of employment. Recent college graduates are unemployed.

We have no hope for a good life based on our current economic model. We need an alternative that is not based on greed but on the love of life, each other and sharing. It is possible, but we have to start now, we need to join together to make it happen. Our power is great, the possibility unique the opportunity timely, Please think about it.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for caring. Thanks for jumping in!


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