Just the Facts, Ma’am, Just the Facts (Working on a simple clear picture.)

What are we crowdfunding for? Indiegogo Campaign

Phase I

Develop an online platform to deliver workshops, classes, and information. Producer members will have a website that will make it easy to deliver their content to their customers. This will be outsourced to New Media One for development. Cost for this is between 8 and 10 thousand dollars. Customer members will have a platform that will make it easy to get the content they want and need.

Phase II

Gather a collection of small businesses to be accessable on the same mega site. Develop this grand shopping place that consists of many small businesses joined together for one-stop shopping and located in the same space as the platform we develop in Phase I. Again outsourced to New Media One.Cost for this is between 7 and 9 thousand dollars.

Gather a huge and ongoing membership brought through the members who join initially and through spreading the word through Permaculture groups, Fair Trade sellers, Poets and Writers and other Artists, and many others who make up the 99% of people left out of the mega companies who dominate our current economy. We hope to begin this as part of our crowdfunding campaign and then launch a campaign to get our brand known and recognized. Cost for this between 2 and 5 thousand dollars.

Long-term…Create an internal crowdfunding, instruction and support system for start-up businesses that will become part of our site. We will fund this by taking a small amount from each sale and each class or workshop to set aside to develop new businesses.


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