Where Has All the Soil Gone?

I’ve had a discouraging time back in Woodland Hills, CA. The beautiful strawberries and blueberries loaded with fruit that I left at the end of June are now dying on the vine. Between a huge 8 inches of harsh solid clay with all the composted matter washed away,b the temperature soaring to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the constant invasion of gophers because their habitat no longer provides predators, I’m looking for better options. I’ve always despised suburbs, but this is where I am right now, so I need to find a better way of producing food. I’m  not giving up on the food forest, but I’m finding that that there are other ways that might give me a whole system for when the industrial food complex collapses and in the meantime to provide our extended family with food that will nourish, not kill us.

One of the most interesting to me right now is growing fish and vegetables through aquaponics. A lot of the systems available right now cost a lot of money, so I’m looking at experimenting with homemade versions until my other project takes off and I can earn a little money to invest in the “water works.”http://portablefarms.com/index.php  has whole systems for sale and when I looked up the prices it seemed to me that the best way to g0 might be to have a system for a number of families together. For now though, I’m going to try to learn more. http://norcalaquaponics.com/ Here’s one more very permaculture oriented site.

The other one that some of you know I’ve been working on for a while is mushrooms. Growing mushrooms indoors on used coffee grounds is still one of my primary goals. More on my progress there in another post. Indoor/Outdoor Gardening, maybe my very own title invention.


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