Has the U.S. Sold Our Future for Millions of Rubber Duckies?

Lester R. Brown
Image via Wikipedia

I don’t often post dire warnings on my pages. One reason is that we seem to know enough about our bleak outlook. This is an exception however because for many years I have found that Lester Brown is our totally believable prophet in a world mostly involving profits which is why China now owns 3 trillion dollars of the American debt load. Please if you can take 30 minutes to listen to this amazing human being. He is full of compassion, knowledge, wisdom and courage.

Here’s the Nation’s great interview with one of the world’s most dedicated and clear thinker.Lester Brown.

When you’re done you might want to begin a discussion about what to do at the grassroots level that most of us live on. There are tools available, but we have to join with each other to make a big enough mark on a very large world system. We need to change civilization!! Are you ready, Yes I’m READY!bb


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