Food for Thought or Non-Toxic Food for All

Gunter Pauli of Blue Economy fame says that mushroom nutrition and protein can replace all of the fish consumed in the world.

If we are to survive in the U.S. through economic times that support the wealthy and obliterate the poor and “middle class,” then we have to act apart from the system that is sustaining this worldwide injustice and is hopefully on the verge of collapse.

Homelessness is plaguing a whole huge majority of Americans. How can a system based on the upper and middle class doling out their”hard-to-get” help maintain a system that is set to overwhelm governments and charities?

I propose that we change laws, ignore them if they won’t change(Quail Springs eco-village near Santa Barbara, CA.) and take our own power back. It’s time for a revolution that is peaceful, self-sustaining and doable. It is a grounded movement of people connected to each  other and the earth that we want. We need our own businesses that support our communities’ needs, not the greed of mega-corporations. It’s time we “vote” with our collective talents, energy, money and solidarity. Shelter and food are human rights, but for thousands of years humans have created art, music, dance and celebrations far beyond mere survival.

How about for starters eco-type villages(there are 439 listed on this link) where people live, work, play and grow their own food in the middle of cities as well as in the middle of nowhere. For too long we have ignored the fact that very few people have access to land in rural America anymore. Transportation is becoming a deep crisis. We do need to live near each other, but we need to source our food, shelter, entertainment and livings from our own communities.

By the way, if you’re still an Obama believer, check out this interview with Cornell  West. Worse than that, pesticide lobbyists have convinced the administration to delay making their annual study findings public on pesticides in fruits and vegetables commonly consumed by our young children. It is definitely time to take our lives into our own hands. We are our own heroes, connected, courageous and caring. Let us begin together to re-make our local/global lives.


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