Business and Spirituality

I love The Blue Economy, Gunter Pauli’s work on creating a new age of business worldwide. It makes so much more sense to me than all the rest. But I’m also aware today of my desire to seek my spiritual bones, to become one with all that is, to lay down my barriers to community and enter into the ONE.  I think my spiritual path is this poem by Rabia-the most influencial female poet in Islam’s Sufi tradition. She says:

Slicing Potatoes
It helps,
putting my hands on a potato, on a broom
in a wash
tried painting,
but it was easier to fly slicing

To me that’s a lot like Permaculture  and the Blue Economy. Getting my hands in the soil or converting coffee grounds into mushrooms for food, replenishing the lost topsoil in any way I can. That is a big part of my spiritual practice, though I read the poems of my mystic beloveds, try to give when I’m asked stepping back from the lonely, sad place our culture promotes. I love going from grasping to sharing. Not that I don’t sometimes fall into that lie that says we are not all beautiful parts of one sacred whole, but once in a while I see usually when I’m digging in the earth.


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