Transition U.S.A.

The evolving components of Transition U.S.A. including The Universe Story and the work of Joanna Macy.


To introduce some of the great thinking that is coming out of the Transition movement in this country, I’ll paste part of a wonderful article/speech by Micahael Brownlee Co-founder of Transition Colorado. It is a bit long, but very helpful in understanding this world-wide movement that is attempting to catch on in this country.

Here is Michael Brownlee’s list and conclusion.

“At Genesis Farm, in a rich and deeply supportive environment, working with Miriam MacGillis, Seanna Ashburn (another Transition Trainer), and others, we’ve held dialogues, presentations, and an ongoing series of two- and three-day workshops for Transition leaders.

Out of this exploration, several key themes have emerged:

Seriousness and urgency.
Permaculture principles and ethics.
New Cosmology/Universe Story.
Pattern Language.
Inner Transition/Heart & Soul.
He continues:

“It’s a long and intense process, but we’re beginning to see (and communicate) how the New Cosmology, the Universe Story, Permaculture, Heart & Soul, and Christopher Alexander’s work are very closely related—and how they’re just beginning to land together in the Transition movement. What this means, to me, is that we’re finally beginning to understand Transition itself as an evolutionary process, one of the most intriguing and promising processes to emerge on this planet! And it’s all absolutely integral with the 13.7 billion year process of the unfolding of the Universe—which of course is a continuing emergent unfolding.”

I loved reading the details here because I had the great privilege of attending the University of Creation Spirituality to study under some of the most innovative and spiritually alive members of our current society and many of them were mentioned in this article. Matthew Fox’s work in inventing Creation Spirituality is what led me there, but I think the most amazing part of my Master’s Degree program there was studying Cosmology with Brian Swimme. His understanding as a Physicist of the 13.7 year continual expansion of the universe from a spark to this current moment in time gives me a perspective that unites me with all that is and ever was. When my indigenous ancestors taught me that we came from the stars, they were so much more advanced in their understanding of the totality of life than most of us who are alive and so well educated today. Here is a trailer from Brian Swimme’s latest creation.

I also had the great good fortune to study with Joanna Macy, who gave me a deep perspective on what is happening on our planet with her amazing systems/Buddhist perspective. Both of them are referred to in Browlee’s article.

If you want the whole article by Michael Brownlee you click on the link below.

2 thoughts on “Transition U.S.A.

  1. I wonder if you caught up with Rob’s response and the explosion of comments that followed his critique of Michael’s article/talk?

    I feel for Michael, at this point, but he did put himself out there by publishing that piece online. I think a more measured approach might have been some conversation with the people he was referring to first.

  2. I have read Rob’s response. I think that all open conversation at this point in Transition, I’m speaking here of the Great Turning is helpful to some and could just be accepted as open communication with a conversation with all those involved, not just “those at the top.” My experience with Transition is that there are a few who control still which is not going to help us get where we are going. It’s a great movement, somewhat grassroots, grasping at the roots from someone’s great ideas, but it is not up to any one person or sides to define it. We have come to a time in history when “we are the savior we have been looking for. I am glad to keep the dialogue going, but don’t feel the need to take sides.

    For me the lists that Michael made stirred my heart in a way that I needed to complete my passionate push toward being a gift to this culture where I live and beyond. I am grateful to be part of a swelling movement that goes way beyond one named Transition.

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