Permaculture, Beauty, and Mushrooms

I just discovered this amazing Permaculture teacher whose shtick is “Intimate Permaculture.” One of the main components of her work is creating beauty using Permaculture principles. As a sound artist(Performance Poet), I have a deep appreciation for visual art, especially the kind that is connected to life and the land versus elitist and exclusive. You can see her work on her blog by clicking on the photo of below. I aspire to follow nature in the beauty way too.

Permaculture Beauty

Learning how to create beauty with nature is an exciting endeavor. I’ll let you know how that one turns out. For now, I’m working on staying free of over-consumption, staying free of store and Black Friday, and enjoying some peace and quiet while my extended family is gone for a few days to see more distant family. By the way, I’m really getting into mushrooms as a food that could really save us. There are so many beautiful fungi.Click on the photo above for info. on the state of mushrooms in the U.K.


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