I Am a Poet

Poets make great entrepreneurs. Check out the Blue Economy.


Poets make great mayors of cities, entrepreneurs, Permaculture enthusiasts and much more. My days as an entrepreneur¬†may be starting again. I’ve been studying and working with the Blue Economy, Gunter Pauli’s book and organization that is totally in sync with Permaculture. I’m enthused and hopeful.

I’m looking into growing mushrooms on coffee grounds. It’s an amazing Blue Economy venture. A woman named Chido in Zimbabwe started using the waste from the production of coffee to grow mushrooms and now has a great organization that is not only reviving the coffee production in her country, but also training orphans to grow mushrooms to feed themselves and others and have their own businesses. It’s a global world, but that doesn’t mean that the Western developed world is where the best and only treasures come from, in fact, much that comes from us is destructive. There are so many things we can learn from other cultures and individuals as well as from nature.

Blue Economy's Logo
Blue Economy Logo

The Blue Economy as well as Permaculture are based on learning from Nature. It’s amazing what we can do this community of all of creation. Find out more by reading,¬† “The Blue Economy,” or going to their web site by clicking the logo above. An amazing guru and pioneer in mushroom cultivation is Paul Stemets. Check out his work at www.fungi.com

Calling all poets to the Blue Economy. Let’s make a new world!

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