Trees and Plants that do Garden Work

Mushrooms such amazing companions.


Of mushrooms and acacia trees.

Here’s an article about how trees planted with crops make the yield much higher.

I also thought about mushrooms a lot today. We are thinking of trying to grow them here maybe even commercially. They are so miraculous. There are several species that will greatly increase production if grown in with the garden plants. Here’s my ode to them.

how they hide and appear out of nowhere
and oh the power they have to make or break
a human being to alter consciousness to
feed the hungry millions dazzle the gourmet
rich and confound the farmer with outcomes
unbelievable like making food and compost
out of wasted coffee turning nuclear waste
into clear land these magicians of god
burying their offspring for later resurrection
are my guides and gurus today i’m thinking
right now about how they turn waste into
dancing love would you not love a bite
though it could kill you? a little knowledge
goes a long way here
i ask their spirits
teach me this dance
stay the night in my home
teach me to love your ways

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