Arundhati Roy and Rock Throwing in Kashmir

I was going to write about compost today, but I follow Naomi Klein on Twitter and found this article from one of her Tweets.

If you’ve got a few minutes, please read it. Dr. Roy tells of visiting the danger zone that is Kashmir and the relationship of President Obama who is courting the Indian government at this time. Why is it that always what takes precedence is financial concerns. Obama some months ago had referred to the injustices in Kashmir and encountered extreme ire from the Indian government, so instead of standing up and continuing to protest the injustice he is now mute on the subject and likely to continue.  The violence of the Indian government is horrific including such torture as pulling out all the fingernails of children in Kashmir caught throwing stones. This is the way the Kashmir people protest against the takeover of their world, the throw stones no matter how many are killed. There seems to be no leadership on the will of a whole people who continue to protest by throwing stones.

Permaculture is about “Permanent Culture,” and cannot remain silent while cultures are destroyed by violence and greed. That’s my opinion anyway. So what is my Permanent Culture? Is there something for me to discover and defend even if I have to throw rocks against torture and guns? One thing that occurs to me is that the powers that be have greatly distracted us from caring about our civil rights and the liberties that were co-opted during the Bush administration. I don’t think the present administration has done anything much to restore what was stolen.

I wonder what I can do. A long time ago I decided that rather than protest, I would create alternatives so that I could say, “Check this out. Look over here. It’s a lot better than what’s been going on for as long as we can remember.” That’s shy the Blue Economy appeals so much to me and why I am part of a small group trying to make a demonstration project that shows a different way to do business. More about that later. For now, I’ll think about how to stand for justice and meditate about throwing rocks, maybe in a lake or creek but I’m now in the suburbs of California, not in the mountains of Colorado that I so recently left, so finding lakes and streams is a bit of a stretch.


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